About us

What do we do?

Are you curious and keen to explore the county of La Selva, the Costa Brava and the rest of the Girona area? Would you like to have fun discovering places, stories, curiosities and legends in this part of Catalonia? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’re experts in the areas where we conduct visits, routes and cultural experiences. Join us and you’ll discover that Catalonia is a land with a great history.


Who are we?

We’re a group of historians, archaeologists and documentalists who possess extensive knowledge of the geography, history and heritage of Catalonia, with a strong focus on the Girona area, in particular the county of La Selva.

We’re a DMC specializing in cultural, historical and archaeological tourism in the county of La Selva, on the Costa Brava and in the rest of the Girona area.

If you’d like to find out more about us, please visit the website of Atri Cultura i Patrimoni SLU http://www.atri.cat/empresa

What do we offer?

A new way to explore the county of La Selva, the Costa Brava and the rest of the Girona area, an exciting way to discover the history of this part of Catalonia.



Through the unique local visits, routes and cultural experiences that we’ve created and planned. We offer you the chance to explore and enjoy this part of the world and its cultural heritage like you never have before, guided by local experts, historians and archaeologists!




  • We’re a family company of historians, archaeologists and documentalists devoted to technical, archaeological, cultural and tourism services since 2013.
  • We specialize in and conduct cultural and archaeological activities in the county of La Selva, on the Costa Brava and the rest of the Girona area (Catalonia).
  • Our mission is to enable our customers to discover little-known places and stories of great cultural, historical and scenic value.


  • Because we enjoy explaining and transmitting our heritage and history in an authentic, rigorous, straightforward and accessible manner.
  • Because our activities are led by historians and archaeologists with a proven track record in educational activities related to history, archaeology and heritage.
  • Because we create and conduct our own visits, routes and experiences.
  • Because we appreciate the area in which we were born and live; we know it intimately and strive to transmit its heritage secrets, along with its natural and scenic values.
  • Because welcoming visitors to our part of the world boosts the local economy and its  products.

We generate local knowledge
Enabling people to explore our area and history is the best way to ensure its conservation and survival for future generations.
We collaborate with small companies and producers in the local area, and we transmit the heritage values of the county.

Strong roots in the local area
We’re the hosts of our local area. We show you little-known places in natural areas and sites of historical interest. We’re keen to arouse your curiosity in our past, because this is a country with plenty of history.

Some cultural visits can be conducted using public transport (mainly the train).
This is not possible in the case of natural areas such as Les Guilleries or the Cadiretes Massif, but by organizing our activities for very small groups we help to conserve and transmit the values of our local nature.

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